Ontario Provincial Police

Recruitment for Detachment Guard – Chapleau Detachment

Salary: Ranges from $27.50-29.14 / hour

These positions are fixed term contracts (part-time on-call).

Detachment guards are essential to assist frontline operations at a local detachment.

  • Mandatory requirements:
  • Must pass an OPP background security investigation.
  • Must be certified in first aid and CPR.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities of these part-time fixed term contract employees is to guard prisoners at the Superior East – Chapleau Detachment and to assist in ensuring quality of care and adequate control by monitoring their safety and secure custody.

  • Receive personal belongings of incoming prisoners from officers and stores. Provide blankets and gowns, if required. Monitor cells every 15 minutes, observe and assess their behaviour, mental and physical condition, checking visually or by video.
  • Call for uniformed officers or professional assistance in cases of emergency or security concern, e.g., illness, prisoners harming themselves.
  • Prepare hand-written notes and complete a prisoner log including required data regarding dates, sequence of events and the prisoner’s state, i.e., medical concerns, activities, mental and physical condition.
  • Provide meals and beverages to prisoners. Administer prescribed medication when authorized and according to prescription requirements.
  • Locate equipment and supplies required during the course of duties and request restocking, when necessary, e.g. restraint garments, blankets, and first aid kits.
  • clean cells after prisoner exit (in some locations this may include cleaning of blood, urine, and other bodily fluids), to send equipment for cleaning, e.g. gowns and blankets, and to assist with searches.

Knowledge, Skills and Ability:

Knowledge to provide on-going monitoring and security of prisoners, to maintain appropriate records, and to ensure that all equipment and information regarding prisoners is available.

Ability to observe and analyze prisoner behavior, assessing validity and degree of problem situations, e.g., pain, sickness or self-harm that may require help or hospitalization, and determining appropriate resolution or need for referral or assistance.

Knowledge of practical procedures applied in prisoner care, e.g., meals.

Knowledge of video recording/monitoring equipment and telephone system, building access and security systems and shut-off valves for water system for cells to perform assigned tasks.

Knowledge of communicable diseases to perform duties in a safe manner.

Knowledge of first aid and CPR procedures.

Oral communication skills to interact with police officers and other guards during exchange of prisoners and shift changes to relay or exchange information.

Written communication skills to take accurate, detailed notes and prepare prisoner reports

Interpersonal skills to interact with prisoners who may be intoxicated, sick and/or irate to determine their needs and condition and to obtain their cooperation and on an occasional basis to assist an Officer to do a search.  May be asked by prisoner to speak on his/her behalf. Interpersonal skills may be required to deal with emergency situations – medical, violence, screaming – attempting to calm and gain order and control, to persuade prisoner to improve his/her conduct, and contribute to preventing situations from elevating.

There are clear guidelines, policies and procedures including manuals and specific reporting requirements to guide the work undertaken.  Problem solving skills are essential to this position.

If interested in applying, please submit your resume/ covering letter addressed to:

Staff Sergeant Kevin Fellinger

Ontario Provincial Police

Superior East Detachment

34 Pinewood Drive, PO Box 19

Wawa ON P0S 1K0