What Employers Are Saying

Alain Lacroix is the owner of Home Hardware and Freshmart in Dubreuilville Ontario.

Alain has been introduced to many of the services offered at the Regional Employment Help Centre including Summer Jobs Service, Job Matching and Placement Incentive and the Apprenticeship program.

“I have always found using the services offered at the Regional Employment Help Centre easy to use. All the services are available to me in Dubreuilville. A bilingual Employment Consultant will visit me right at my place of business, update and follow up with how the individual is doing. With all this support available locally, we have been able to successfully train and employ individuals within our community”

Earl Crack is the Shop Manager at BodyLines by Crack in Wawa Ontario.

“We have used the services of the Regional Employment Help Centre a number of time with the Job Matching and Placement Incentive program and with an apprenticeship. It is a great way for us to bring in employees and be sure that there is a good fit for both the employee and us. With the support of the Employment Consultants at the Regional Employment Help Centre any required paperwork for the programs is easy to complete. It is nice to know that they are here to help us!”

Dave Poliquin is the Branch Manager for Canwest Propane, White River Ontario.

?It is so nice to see our government help out with the much needed training in Northern Ontario. It has been a pleasure working with the Regional Employment Help Centre. A big thank you to Russell Reid and his office in Wawa Ontario. Thanks again, keep up the good work.?

What Clients Are Saying

Donald Carroll – Youth Job Connection Graduate 2016

?I had been a labourer throughout my employment history. I have always enjoyed practical hands on work, outdoors preferably. The nature of my past positions has been short term contracts and I have struggled with retention. I graduated highschool within my 5 year time frame and have been undecided as to how to proceed with my career. The Youth Job Connection program was offered at a very opportune time, I was recently injured and had been out of work for 9 months and needed a hand with re-entering the work force. Low ambition due to the injury and depression made me unsure as to how to proceed. This program helped me immensely and I would recommend it to anyone. Personality Dimensions was my favourite part of the program, as it gave me insight into temperament styles and reasons for different behaviours. I appreciate everything the program and staff offered and will use the tools I have learned to succeed in my current position and into the future.?

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