There are a number of ways to submit a job posting


If you have already prepared a job posting, please email it to Please submit your posting in Word, PDF or jpeg. format.

Call or Fax

Call or fax the Wawa office of the Regional Employment Help Centre directly to provide job posting information:

Telephone: 705 856-1648
Toll Free: 800-667-7182
Fax: 705 856-1649

If there are questions about your job posting, a staff member will be in contact with you. Otherwise, your job will be posted within 24 hours. You can feel confident that your job posting will receive ample viewing. The Regional Employment Help Centre will post your job on the job board located in all three offices and on the website. Please be sure to provide your contact information for follow-up on or near the closing date of the posting.

What Employers are saying

“We have used the services of the Regional Employment Help Centre a number of time with the Job Matching and Placement Incentive program and with an apprenticeship. It is a great way for us to bring in employees and be sure that there is a good fit for both the employee and us. With the support of the Employment Consultants at the Regional Employment Help Centre any required paperwork for the programs is easy to complete. It is nice to know that they are here to help us!”
Earl Crack, BodyLines by Crack