Services Available at the Regional Employment Help Centre

The Regional Employment Help Centre offers a range of services, supports and resources to help individuals with their career and employment needs. There are 5 components of Employment Ontario Employment Services to help customize the services a customer may require on their path to higher training and employment. Services are available to all job seekers and employers.

1. Client Service Planning and Coordination

An Employment Services Coordinator will meet with a customer and determine which components of Employment Service are appropriate to reach their employment goal. The plan is monitored and adjusted as the customer moves forward. Our Service Coordinators will also support the customer’s plan with referrals to other Employment Ontario programs and services available such as Better Jobs Ontario or the Ontario Self Employment Benefits programs.

2. Resource and Information

Resource and Information is open access to labour market services for the community that provides information on:

  • Local training
  • Local employment opportunities
  • Community service supports
  • Occupational and training requirements
  • Resources to support unassisted job searches

All job seekers and employers are welcome to utilize the computers, access to the web, office equipment, tools and information available at all three of the Regional Employment Help Centre offices. Resource and Information Officers are available to assist and guide customers with their independent job search and will direct them to the resources required to make customers successful.

3. Job Search Assistance

An Employment Services Coordinator will support a customer in need of and suited for assisted services with their career goal setting, skills planning and job search based on a realistic and accurate assessment of the customer’s qualifications in relation to the job requirements.

4. Job Matching and Placement

Customers who would benefit from on the job training work with an Employment Services Coordinator to match customer’s skills and interests with employment opportunities such as work experience (with or without financial incentives), job trials and volunteer placements within the community.

5. Job/Training Retention

Through Job/Training Retention, the Regional Employment Help Centre makes sure that the customer has secure, long-lasting employment with the support of additional coaching and mentoring to maintain employment, successfully complete training or in taking the next step along their career path.